The director of the film is moving the project from Sanjay Gupta's banner to Nandy's

It is no secret that Pritish Nandy hasn't always got along with actress Vidya Balan and director Sanjay Gupta. Gupta had a fallout with Nandy during the making of Kaante (Gupta directed the film for Nandy's Pritish Nandy Corporation) and Balan once refused to star in a PNC film without even meeting Nandy.

Strangely, now it appears that Balan is back in the PNC fold. Her film, Milte Hain that was scheduled to be produced by Gupta will now be made under the PNC banner. According to sources, director Meghna Gulzar got tired of waiting for work to begin. The film was supposed to go on floors by 2010.

When Gupta's rights to the Australian play, Double Act (on which Milte Hain is based) expired, Gulzar is said to have called Gupta telling him she was buying the rights to the play and making it under PNC. "When Meghna called to say she was taking the project away from Gupta, he was very hurt. More so because she was taking it to Pritish Nandy."

Balan was reportedly a little hesitant about the new development. A source said, "Vidya has been a part of Meghna's Milte Hain from the start. There was no question of making the film without her. When Meghna took the project to PNC, Vidya had certain reservations considering her past with the production house. But she relented because she would get to work with Meghna and her father (Gulzar)." Gulzar is supposed to write the lyrics for Milte Hain's songs.