Dia Mirza's bathroom diaries

Like most of us, Dia Mirza too puts on her thinking cap in her bathroom. The lady, who's got her hands full with shooting, production plans and endorsements, says her bathroom is where she head to after a hectic day. In a one of her most relaxed moods, Dia gets candid and shares her bathroom secrets with CS:   

Who: Dia Mirza
What: Talks about how she loves to spend time in her bathroom
Where: At Filmcity

Busy Dee
I have been super busy with a lot of things shaping up behind the camera. People who say I am not getting work, have no idea how difficult it is for me to plan my dates! I am working on a new film put together by my production house, shooting for a Bengali film, working on my brand endorsements, supporting causes I feel for and am also working on penning down a book. I hardly ever get time to take a long vacation to de-stress myself. The bathroom is my safe heaven. 

Rest assured
I love my bathroom. It's my favourite corner in the house and in the entire world. It is more than just a cleaning up room for me. It is the world's most quietest and uninterrupted space. Whenever I travel, I miss my bathroom the most. It reflects the kind of person I am. I can spend hours in there. I've designed it such that it feels extremely cosy and so restores my stressed out senses. I love reading in there in complete peace. It's the best way to shut out the world. I put on some instrumental music, change the lighting, light some scented candles and plonk myself in a chair to read. 

Dripping with joy
Another way of relaxing is to take a shower with some up beat music thumping in the background. It completely calms me down. It is another form of massage for me. I used to love soaking in the bathtub on weekends. It was my favourite ritual some time back. But since I became conscious about the environment, I got rid of it. I realised that I was wasting too much water by using the tub. And though I know I've done the sensible thing, I miss having it a lot. It was my weekend buddy.

Brilliant strokes
I have installed lots of lights and mirrors in the bathroom. I have a magnifying glass that helps me do my make-up efficiently without any professional help. So doing my make-up in there is sheer pleasure. And then of course, it's my thinking and decision-making spot.There is no to influence me or give me any advice. It's proved to be the best place to think and act.


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