Diners forced to sign disclaimer to eat UK's hottest burger

Mar 11, 2014, 07:01 IST | Agencies

London: A super-spicy burger on sale in Brighton is being touted as the hottest in Britain — after five people landed in hospital attempting to eat it.

Nick Gambardella, who serves the XXX Hot Chilli Burger in his restaurant in the popular seaside town, asks customers — who must be over-18 — to sign a legal disclaimer before trying it.

The dish has a chilli sauce on it measuring an eye-watering 9.2 million on the Scoville scale which measures spicy heat in foods — compared to an average chilli pepper at 500 Scoville units.

The dish is sold at his Burger Off restaurant in Brighton, Sussex, Gambardella said, “I am amazed I am allowed to sell it — but it’s been a massive hit with the customers.”

“Obviously, I always take my responsibilities as a food retailer seriously, but if my customers want super spicy food, I am entitled to give them what they want. The burgers are cooked properly — it’s the sauce that is maybe too hot to handle,” added Gambardella.

The burger gets its heat from a red-hot sauce based on a piri piri chilli concentrate, which is created through steaming and is later infused with carbon dioxide.

Number of people who have been able to successfully finish the burger

14 lakh
Scoville unit of the Trinidad Scorpion pepper, the spiciest pepper in the world

>> Burger is 9.2 million Scoville units — 18,000 times hotter than a chilli pepper n Five people have been hospitalised after eating the burger

Rushed to hospital

On one occasion, a diner was taken to hospital with a suspected perforated bowel after eating the dish. Four others were admitted for treatment on the same night for suspected anaphylactic shock.

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