This Friday, dance lovers in the city will match steps with Tango dancer Jorge Fiscia at the premier Milonga Night

You don't have to be a tango dancer or even a dancer to be part of the Milonga Night being organised at The Art Loft, this Friday. If you want to shake a leg with friends or just watch Tango professionals in action then, this is where you should head.

Milonga is a form of music that originated in Argentina. The music gave birth to a form of tango: Milonga.
"The objective [of the Milonga Night] was to help introduce people to the dance form," says Rati Shroff of The Art Loft. The music for the evening will be 90 per cent Tango and 10 per cent Ballroom.

Entry to the event, which will witness talented Tango dancers, including tango master Jorge Fiscia is free. "We wanted as many people as possible to join in the fun," says Shroff. Jorge Fiscia, an Argentinian by birth, who has been teaching Tango for over 10 years now, says, "It is a very common form of expression back home."

Jorge, who started learning the Tango from an early age, moved to India in 2009, and has made Mumbai his home. "I have been teaching here for over a year now, but Tango does not seem to be very popular. People are more interested in learning Salsa," he says, adding that he hopes the Milonga Nights will help change that.

"It is a beautiful dance. You have to listen to the body of another person. Your bodies should be flexible, so you can listen to each other's body movements," he explains. Looking forward to Friday night, Jorge adds, "I hope to have a lot of fun, especially since it is not a performance."

On: Tomorrow; 7 pm to 10 pm
At: The Art Loft, Valentino Restaurant, first floor, above Patel Stores, Mehboob Studio, Bandra (W).
Call: 9930483966
Entry: Free

What is the Milonga?
The Milonga is a form of music that originated in the R ´┐Żo de la Plata area of Argentina and Uruguay. The music lent itself to a dance form (the Tango), which became very popular in the 1870s. The word Milonga refers to the dance form, as also to the places and events, where the Tango performed.