Doctors attending to veteran social activist Anna Hazare in Pune noticed significant progress in his health.
Dr. Mahendra Kawedia, one of the doctors attending to Hazare, said he is responding well to the medical treatment, as he even began exercise on treadmill and cycle without showing signs of fatigue.
"Anna is very happy and he is responding very well. We did not conduct any new tests. Today (Thursday) Anna exercised on treadmill, which is very good. He even exercised on the static cycle continuously for 15 minutes. He did not feel tired due to it. He is sitting calmly and he read newspapers and he even talked to people around him. So overall there is a good progress," said Kawedia.
Meanwhile, Dr. Parag Sancheti said the decision to discharge Hazare from the hospital would be taken after a meeting on Sunday (January 08).
"As of now we have decided that his antibiotics course will go on till Saturday. On Sunday after our internal core committee meeting we will take decision on when to discharge him," said Sancheti.
Earlier, former senior police officer and civil society activist Kiran Bedi said Hazare will not campaign in the upcoming assembly polls due to his poor health.
"I have messages from Anna to the Core Committee, I will be placing those matters before the core group which is meeting on Saturday and then we will decide our further course of action. But Anna is not going to campaign in the coming states, Anna is not going to travel, which we have urged him, he cannot, nor has the doctors allowed him," Bedi told the media.
Anna Hazare was forced to cut short his hunger strike after a team of specialists advised him to start eating again on the second day of his fast, citing low blood pressure, weakness and threat to his kidneys.