Two months after being arrested by EOW wing of Mumbai police and Kherwadi Police station, for practicing allopathic medicine without license, five individual doctors from Maharashtra Nagar of Bandra are allegedly back in business. The doctors, who were found to be holding SSC, HSC and alternative medicine degrees were arrested and later released on bail bond after a week, had come under the scanner of the officials through a tip off by a local doctor. However, two months after the incident, the doctor who pointed out the irregularity, alleged that all the five doctors are back to their clinics while no action is been taken by BMC or police officials even after he writing a letter to them.

The incident had taken place on October 14, when the five doctors, allegedly prescribing modern medicines were raided by a joint operation of BMC officials from H East ward, EOW wing of Mumbai Police and Kherwadi Police station in Maharashtra Nagar Area of Bandra East. During investigation, it was revealed that while two of the doctors hadn’t even passed HSC examinations, others were holding BEMS degrees.

While EOW wing headed the raid, the case was transferred to Kherwadi Police Station who booked Mallesh Itte (54), Santosh Foolchand Jaiswar (45), Wajidali Ajmulla Shaikh (45), Chandrakala Bhumanna Cheruku (52) and Surresh Santosh Chowdhary under section 419 (Punishment for cheating by personating), 420 (Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property) and 36 of Maharashtra Medical Practitioner Act (Prohibition against addition of any title, description, to name of any, person unless authorized to do so) (Cr No 25015).

However, as the accused were released by the court after a week post giving a strict warning to not indulge in the activities again, the five have allegedly returned to their businesses as pointed out by a local doctor who had given the tip off. On the condition of anonymity, the doctor said, “I had written a letter to BMC H East ward to bring this to their notice but even two months no response has been offered to be till now. Police officials too aren’t taken any action against these people who continue to fool the economically backward patients from the area for personal gains. Giving medicines without expertise can be fatal and could cost one his or her life,” said the doctor. He added that the doctors are allegedly functioning only in the evening time to evade arrest or being noticed by the BMC officials.

Prashant Gaikwad, current Ward officer H East ward, who has been recently transferred from S Ward said that the action and letter both have come before he has joined due to which he will have to check the records. “I am not aware of both the incident as I have recently joined. Ill certainly check the letter of the complainant and take necessary action,” said Gaikwad.