Dog walking and other tails

Nov 08, 2011, 06:56 IST | Fiona Fernandez
How often do you set your sights on an adorable stray in the neighbourhood and have been tempted to bring him/her home?

Well, you can come close to realising your love for canines by signing up to be a volunteer with Welfare of Stray Dogs, an animal welfare NGO that has been conducting stray dog's mass sterilisation and immunisation programmes across the city since 1994.
On-site first aid, re-vaccination, adoption, education and awareness has secured the lives of over 1,10,00 street dogs in the process.

You can take your soft spot canines a bit further by participating in a host of activities: help walk or bathe these dogs at the Mahalakshmi kennels, learn basic first-aid, conduct education and awareness programmes, raise funds through garage sales and WSD product sales. 

If this doesn't promise for a doggone happy time, what will?

Call: 9819100808 / 64222838
Log on to:
Volunteers under 18 need parental permission

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