Don't communalise Sena leader's murder

Oct 23, 2014, 07:37 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

In an incident that sparked protests by the party’s activists, a Shiv Sena leader was killed at his residence in Malad on Tuesday. A Sena leader, Ramesh Jadhav of Malad, was stabbed to death on Tuesday. He died from gashes to his neck by sharp objects.

Reports state that he opposed a gang of youths who were regularly molesting women in the area. Certain other reports say that he was trying to resolve an argument between groups when he was stabbed. Yesterday, there were more reports about some other reasons for the murder.

The area is simmering with discontent and though under control, there is a feeling that this could spiral into something bigger. While anger, dejection and frustration is understandable, given that the murder has put a spoke into the wheel of Diwali celebrations for some people, it would be good if people control their emotions.

One should not give in to communalising the issue, as there is a danger that this could be the trigger for a widespread communal problem.

Let the police do their job
Let the police do their job, instead of this becoming a law and order problem. Look at it through the prism of what it is - a crime, and a murder at that. Let investigations proceed at a brisk pace, bringing the guilty to book.

Above all, this is a tragedy where a life has been taken away. Now, it is up to the authorities to establish without doubt, how and why this man was killed.

Let this singular mission not be obfuscated by the communal angle. One often sees that crime incidents are attributed a communal motive and angle. Soon, it becomes a larger issue. A community cannot cry victim while investigations are on.

The overall aim must be to catch and punish the guilty. One must also try and avoid political angles, because besides the fact that he was a Sena man, it is a young life taken away. Solving the crime should be above all.

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