A one plus one storey structure near Bhumiya Mandir of Kherwadi, Bandra came crashing down on Wednesday morning leaving one dead and five injured.

Structure collapse in BandraThe structure which came crashing down.

The incident took place at 6am when all the members of Bagdi family were sleeping.

Almost all the family members, with the help of neighbours, were rescued except the 65-year old senior citizen, Kanta.

Neighbours of Bagdi residence said that the house was built 20 days ago and the family was still in the process of shifting to their new home. A total of eight people were sleeping on the first storey of the structure when it crashed, injuring all.

One of the neighbour, Rahul Sharma said, "We immediately called fire brigade and police officials who came in time. The injured were taken to VN Desai Hospital but Kanta, being old couldn't survive the ten feet fall."

The five injured sustained heavy injuries and doctors confirmed that they have sustained fractures and have been admitted in the casualty unit of the hospital.

The structure collapse has also resulted in crashing in the multiple adjacent walls of neighbouring structures, leaving their neighbours in worry if losing their household goods as well.