'My colleague doesn't respond when I flirt with her'

Dec 02, 2016, 06:00 IST | Dr Love

Dr Love

Dr LoveI have a crush on a colleague at my office, and have been trying to flirt with her for a while. She doesn’t seem to get any of my hints though. What should I do?
Here’s a possibility: She probably gets them and doesn’t want to react, which is a smart move for someone who doesn’t want to complicate her professional life. Alternatively, maybe you are awful at flirting, which is normal if you get your ideas from movies made by Karan Johar. I suggest you abandon flirting and ask her out for a cup of coffee instead. That way, at least you can eliminate the possibility of making a fool of yourself by using lines that aren’t appealing. It will also help you get to the point and figure out whether or not she is interested at all. I must point out, however, that flirting with your boss or someone who reports to you is a very bad idea because it can make life at the office difficult if this doesn’t work out. The rest is up to you.

My girlfriend and I have been living together for a few months now, and it seems as if we are drifting apart. We try and do things together whenever possible, but I sometimes feel as if we don’t relate to each other. Is there anything I can do to change this?
I suppose what you mean by this message is that it’s difficult to empathise with each other, which is normal considering how stressful living together can be at the early stages of any relationship. I suppose it all boils down to how much time the two of you can spend doing little things like taking a walk or having dinner together. It doesn’t have to be conversations about the universe or the state of politics. Sometimes, having a laugh at the little things can help you connect. Communication is the only way. If nothing else, WhatsApp her through the day to find out how she is.

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