'He tweets the dumbest things and insists I 'like' it'

Feb 08, 2017, 06:00 IST | Dr. Love

I don't like following my boyfriend on Twitter because he says the dumbest things. He gets upset if I unfollow him though. What should I do? He's very touchy about this even though I know it's a stupid thing. He checks his follower list every day and asks me why I don't like his tweets. I find this childish, but do it only because I love him. Is there a suggestion?
Twitter offers you a 'mute' button. Please use it. Alternatively, create a second Twitter account and follow anyone you like there. Make technology work for you and ignore your boyfriend. And yes, he's being childish.

My girlfriend's star sign is Aries. What this means is, because she is ruled by Mars, she tends to be very aggressive and often impulsive. She has some good qualities too, like her ability to take risks and show courage during difficult times, but she doesn't like listening to other people because she takes it as a personal insult. This causes problems for us because she doesn't like listening to what I say. She also does things I don't agree with, simply because she feels like doing them at the time. I have pointed out to her that her star sign compels her to do these things, but she thinks I'm overreacting. Is there something I can do to change how she behaves? Should I speak to an astrologer and get her to wear jewellery that can correct these defects in her personality?
The only defects I can see at the moment come from you. If you want to speak to an astrologer, go ahead. This is not an astrology column though. And, for the record, not everyone on Earth believes in star signs. Some of us just believe in taking responsibility for our actions. Go ahead and spend as much money as you like on jewellery or whatever will convince you. If I were you though, I'd spend more time getting an education.

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