Elections ahead, BJP says it will gain from Anna's anti-Cong stance

Oct 07, 2011, 07:22 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

A few days ago anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare stated while addressing the press at Ralegansiddhi that he will appeal to people to not vote for the Congress in any elections if the UPA government fails to pass the Jan Lokpal bill in the upcoming winter session of Parliament. Now, the opposition BJP feels it stands to gain from Hazare's stance.

Advantage BJP? Anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare

"Although we are not looking for any kind of benefit from Anna Hazare's statement, BJP would stand to gain an indirect advantage in the upcoming elections in the city," said BJP city president Vikas Mathakri.

Vikas Mathkari, city unit chief of BJP. File Pics

The leader said the manner in which the UPA government at the Centre handled Hazare's recent Jan Lokpal bill hunger strike was enough to ensure any appeal by the activist would be taken seriously by the people.

"The corrupt face of the Congress-led government at the Centre has come in front of the citizens. Citizens have distrust in the government, especially after it played the drama of passing the resolution in the Parliament on the Jan Lokpal Bill. Therefore, Anna's appeal will have a strong effect on citizens' minds and ultimately we will receive indirect benefit," said Mathkari. After all, we have also supported Anna in each protest of his and also pressured the UPA government to pass the Jan Lokpal bill resolution."

During Hazare's agitation for the Jan Lokpal bill at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, the Congress had kept accusing him of being a BJP pawn, while the Pune Chapter of India Against Corruption (IAC), which mobilised support for the activist in the city, had kept rejecting this allegation.

Steering Committee member of IAC, Pune, Deepak Bharadiya said the organisation did not care which party an election candidate came from as long as he was non-corrupt.

"We want a clean and non-corrupt candidate, irrespective of party affiliations," said Bharadiya. "If BJP can give a clean candidate, we will not refrain from giving him a boost. We want a strong and responsible opposition in the country, one which can control the ruling party. If BJP is able to do that, then it wouldn't be an issue for us if it gains advantage in the upcoming elections."

Anna and RSS
Senior Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh have accused Anna Hazare of being pro-RSS. Hazare has clarified he is not close to any party or front.

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