Equality, not charity

Rouble told CS about the work she is doing:

No comparisons
We women play many different roles in our lives, we teach the world to love, share and care but till we start respecting ourselves first we cannot expect others to respect us. There is always a comparison between men and women but I say, they are equals. So why compare?

Equal opportunities
I work for my NGO Rouble Nagi Art Foundation which focuses on child education and social interaction between different sections of society. The most powerful tool for empowerment is education, understanding what’s our right. An equal opportunity is all we want — social, political and economic equality.

Time for action
It’s high time we open our eyes to what’s happening with the girls and women around us and take action. The womens reservation bill which still has to be passed, will be the first step towards women empowerment and it will help women play an important role in policy making and enacting laws for welfare of women. 

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