European hotel prices fall again

The average price of a hotel room in Europe fell again this month, research released November 15 by has shown.

Travelers will pay 12 percent less this month compared to last month, Trivago said, with the average cost of a night in a standard double room coming in at 112.

A total of 41 of the top 50 cities indexed by the firm fell in price, it said, with some falling by nearly a third -- the price of a night in Rome dropped by 32 percent (to 116), Florence by 30 percent (to 106), a night in Lisbon was 28 percent cheaper at 85 and a stay in Prague 27 percent cheaper at 79.

The price of a night in Venice, one of Italy's most popular tourist destinations, dropped by a massive 44 percent compared to last month, averaging 145 this November, Trivago said.

Even Geneva, normally the region's most expensive destination, saw the average price of a night drop by ten percent (to 228), although London, already edging closer to the top of the table when it comes to hotel prices, saw a rise of three percent to 205 a night.

Slight price rises were also observed in Bucharest (up five percent to 81), Copenhagen (up two percent to 145) and Oslo (up four percent to 177), said Trivago.

Europe's most expensive destinations - November 2011

1. Geneva ( 228)
2. London ( 205)
3. Oslo ( 177)
4. Paris ( 166)
5. Stockholm ( 160)

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