Manchester City and France striker Samir Nasri's girlfriend yesterday went about slamming the French football system after her boyfriend was not picked in the national team for next month's FIFA World Cup.

Anara Atanes and Samir Nasri. Pics/AFP
Anara Atanes and Samir Nasri. Pics/AFP 

British model Anara Atanes got abusive in her tweets moments after French coach Didier Deschamps left out Nasri from his 23-man squad for the World Cup in Brazil.

"F*** France and f*** Deschamps. What a s*** manager," Atanes wrote on Twitter, slamming Deschamps, a respected figure in French football having earned 103 international caps besides

having helped the country clinch its only World Cup till date — in 1998 — followed by the European Championship title in 2000. Moments after sending out her first tweet, Atanes repeated her message: "In case you didn't read my tweet properly.... I'll repeat myself...f*** FRANCE!!!!! And f*** Deschamps!"

Atanes then claimed that while she was delighted to be able to spend time with her boyfriend across the next two months, he deserved a little more respect. "Lets just get this straight! Im not mad I get my bf for 2 months.... I just think there's a level of respect to be had," she wrote.

Moments later, a relatively calm Nasri replied: "Love you don't get upset life sometimes is unfair but you have to accept it and deal with it."