Extortion threats from an unknown gangster have restricted a 47-year-old man and his family to their own home. Johnson Pereira (47), his wife and his children have not been able to venture out of their house fearing threats from an unidentified man, who calls himself, ‘Bhau’ from Dagdi Chawl. The victim has now written to the police commissioner asking for protection.

Johnson Pereira (in red) with his family. He has been receiving the calls since October
Johnson Pereira (in red) with his family. He has been receiving the calls since October

On investigating the number from which Johnson has been getting the calls, the police officers said that the location of the number is Nashik Jail. “We are investigating the case and the owner of the SIM card from which Johnson has been getting threatening calls,” said Rajaram Mandge, senior police inspector of MIDC police station.

Pereira is a civil contractor and film set maker. Incidentally, he also happens to be the business partner of Raju Shinde, who died after he was shot at in Aarey Milk Colony last year. Johnson, who works in Film City at Aarey Milk Colony in Goregaon (east), has been getting these threat calls for protection money since October last year.

First call
Johnson says he received the threat call for the first time on October 11, 2015, when he was returning home with his friend. The caller identified himself as Bhau from Dagdi Chawl in Byculla. The call had come from a mobile number, 8*********9. In the FIR copy filed by Johnson, he has said that the caller asked him to give two of his men entry at his set in Film City. When Johnson asked him the names of the two, Bhau said that their names were Bunty and Sunil. Bhau also told Johnson that he should receive a packet of cash every month as protection money. Hearing this, Johnson got scared and filed a complaint at MIDC police station.

Johnson told the police that after receiving regular calls from the gangster, he fled to Goa and returned only a few days ago. He also said that Bhau has not stopped threatening him and is still demanding protection money. The police had provided protection to Pereira for four days but later withdrew it. Pereira has demanded protection once again, fearing a threat to his life.

The police have filed an FIR under Sections 385 (putting person in fear or injury) and 506 (a) (criminal intimidation) against Bhau.