Faridabad: Sanped in Haryana’s Faridabad, where the house of a Dalit family was set ablaze leading to the death of two toddlers, erupted in grief and indignation yesterday. To express their anger and protest against the gruesome murders, miffed villagers blocked the Delhi-Agra highway.

Villagers were protesting the death of two Dalit children.  Pic/PTI
Villagers were protesting the death of two Dalit children.  Pic/PTI

As the bodies of two-and-a-half-year-old Vaibhav and his 11-month-old sister Divya, wrapped in white shrouds, arrived, the village, about 35 km from the national capital, plunged into grief.

Wailing soon gave way to anger and scores of villagers, walking hand-in-hand and shouting slogans, carried the bodies and placed them on the Delhi-Agra highway, blocking traffic. As tempers ran high, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi visited the village where he accused the Prime Minister, Haryana Chief Minister, the BJP and the RSS of practicising ‘politics of crushing’ those who are weak resulting in such incidents.

“This is an attitude shared by the Prime Minister, Chief Minister of the state and the entire BJP and RSS. The attitude is, if somebody is weak, he can be crushed. What you have seen is the result of this attitude,” Gandhi said after meeting the distraught family.

Asked whether he was doing politics over the incident, Rahul angrily retorted, “This is insulting when someone says it when someone comes here. It is not insulting to me. It is insulting to these people. What is a photo op. What you mean? People are dying. I will visit (such places) again, again and again.”

While Vaibhav and Divya perished in the blaze allegedly set off by some upper caste people from the village, who had a ongoing feud with their family, their mother Rekha (28) suffered serious burns and is battling for life at Safdarjung hospital in Delhi. Their father Jitender (31), also received injuries while trying to save them.