Fashion fever

The lissome mother of two was recently in Pune for a fashion event. Karisma who looks as gorgeous as ever talks to CS about style and fashion:

Style with comfort
I love to wear clothes that make me feel comfortable and relaxed. You look good only when you are comfortable in what you are wearing.

I like sporting jeans and T-shirts, as well as traditional Indian outfits. I like to dress as per the occasion. When it comes to accessories, I like shoes and handbags. In fact, Kareena has a huge shoe fetish, and owns an enviable collection.

Shopping paradise
I am a shopaholic. Earlier, I used to shop for myself but nowadays I buy stuff for Bebo (Kareena) and my kids as well. Shopping abroad was a big thing before, but now with all the brands being available in Mumbai, we don’t have to travel far.

Slim and trim
Losing weight wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. I ate a number of small meals, and exercised regularly. Since Bebo is also into fitness, I found a perfect companion in my quest to weight loss. But like every one else, I too love to indulge in chips or chocolates at times.  

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