Fibre for thought

Skin Deep, an exhibition of fibreglass installations by 19 of India's most talented artists prods, teases and questions the intellectual and artistic mindset

A love-hate relationship exists between artists and fibreglass, according to curator of Skin Deep, Johny ML. This dramatic yet insightful statement about the artwork-artist journey explains the platform where some of the country's contemporary artists have made meaning from matter.

Nantu Behari's installation

Visitors to the Viewing Room Gallery will notice an alluring relationship between artist and form in the displays. Johny goes on to add that the participating artists, which include Chintan Upadhyay, Viraj Naik, Pankaj Panwar, Karl Antao, George Martin and Dharmendra Rathore, had prepared themselves to take up this challenge with a medium that has been intrinsic to their creative process as artists in study. As one looks through the exhibits, one is bound to find all kinds of illusions and aesthetic elements that lend to constant transition.

George K's installation

Themes range from ethnic roots to global cannibalisation, socio-political scenarios to using humour and sarcasm to drive home serious issues like terror, as well as simple yet stark commentaries on daily life. The 19 artists' ability to go beyond the obvious through their installations promises to make for an interesting window in the other world where art and language converge.

At:The Viewing Room, fourth floor, Elysium Mansion, opposite Cusrow Bagh, Colaba Causeway  TILL November 19
Call: 22830026
Time: 11 am to 7 pm, except Sundays

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