Figurative art by eight Indian artists goes on display next week

"With 17 years of experience of running an art gallery, I have realised that figurative art works better for the Indian population. It could be because of the influence of great political figures or the human forms of gods on the people or the traditions of art in the country," reasons Pravina Mecklai, curator of Jamaat Art Gallery, who are hosting the exhibition, Figure It, an exhibition of figurative paintings.

The Charulata series
The Charulata series

"The eight artists, whose works will be on display, are from diverse backgrounds and the only thing common in their work is figurative art," says Mecklai. While there are three artists from Bengal, there are two from Hyderabad and others from different parts of the country. Here's a dekko:

AV Ilango
Born in Tamil Nadu, but now based in Bengaluru, Ilango, is inspired by the temple dancers and drummers of Tamil Nadu. The Krishna theme is very strong in his paintings, either with his beloved, Radha , or as the celestial cowherd playing his magical flute.

Ajay De
Of Bengali origin, but now based in Mumbai, his charcoal paintings with a hint of acrylic and gold leaf are legendary. He started with his works of the iconic 'Kolkatta' cycle riskshaws, and has now moved to the ethereal Buddhas and Ganesha figures.

In My Style by Samir Mondal
In My Style by Samir Mondal

Gautam Mukherjee
He lives and works in Kolkata. He paints the traditional Badra Lok (landed gentry) in all their finery with a charming mix of their Westernised homes with accoutrements like pianos and Victorian furniture, but wearing traditional clothes like the saree blouses and dhoti kurta and all their exquisite jewellery.

Laxman Aeley
Hyderabad based Laxman has a very distinctive style. Using black acrylic paint, applied with a very fine brush on canvas, he depicts the people from the smaller towns of Telangana.

On May 10 to 30
At Jamaat Art Gallery, National House, Tulloch Rd, Apollo Bandar, Colaba.
Call 22820718

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