Flashback Video: When Smriti Irani danced with Mika Singh

Tuesday was not a good day for Smriti Irani and Mika Singh. While the BJP leader was replaced as HRD minister, another complaint of molestation was filed against the Sultan singer.

If you are wondering what we are up to… Well, it is a rather strange co-incidence that the two featured together in a music album many years back, much before Mika became a famous singer, and Smriti’s ‘Kyunki’ days, followed by her subsequent plunge into politics.

So, get into flashback mode, and watch the video ‘Boliyan’

Did you manage to spot Smriti in the video?

If not, here she is...

Now, watch the video again...

  • Deepak06-Jul-2016

    For me it does not make any difference its her profession, and people who judge Mrs. Smriti Irani in this manner who are completely illiterate and out of their mind specially congress and Aam aadmi party people who are full of corruption stigma on their face. according to congress and AAP those who work in film industry are not good and cannot enter in politics. shame on those who thing like this way...

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