Four puppies inducted in dog squad of city police

Four Labrador puppies were inducted in the city police dog squad recently. Two of the puppies, Badal and Prince, will be trained for bomb detection while a pup named Rambo will be trained for crime detection. Viru, a black Labrador puppy, will be trained to trace narcotic substances. 

Cop dog: The new puppies are Labradors. The breed is prized by the 
police for its detection abilities. Representation pic

The decision to induct new puppies was taken after Shiva, a dog who was used for crime detection, retired in 2011. Currently, two dogs named Surya and Teja are being used for crime detection, while a third one called Jai is trained to trace narcotic substances. 

With the addition of the four new puppies, the total strength of dog squad will be seven. The puppies, who are only 50 days old, will first go for rigorous training for nine months after turning six months of age. The training of newly inducted puppies is carried out at the CID's dog training centre at the headquarters in Shivajinagar.

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