Fuel supply disrupted in rain-hit Chennai

Dec 04, 2015, 15:58 IST | PTI

Chennai: Supply of fuel in the city has taken a hit due to 'logistic problems' faced by oil companies even as availability of essential commodities like milk, water and vegetables remain affected across Tamil Nadu on Friday.

Since most of the places across Chennai and its suburbs have been cut off due to heavy rain, oil tankers were unable to transport fuel, according to Indian Oil Corporation officials. Absence of tanker drivers has compounded the problem.

"There are stocks available for supply of fuel but tanker drivers have not reported for work as their families were affected by the floods. It is the logistics problem we are facing now," an IOCL spokesperson told PTI. Motorists were seen standing in large queues for several hours at some fuel outlets where there was supply.

The fuel supply maybe restored soon as water level was receding in several areas, the official said. Essential commodities, however, remained in scarce supply.

While supply of state-run Aavin-milk packets were totally hit, a packet of one litre milk sold by private suppliers was priced at Rs 90, whereas 1 kg tomato was available at Rs 80/90.

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