Funny sounds, voice made 'Rio 2' fun for Imran Khan, Sonakshi Sinha

Actors Imran Khan and Sonakshi Sinha say they both had a fun time dubbing for the Hindi version of animated film 'Rio 2'.

Imran Khan and Sonakshi Sinha
Imran Khan and Sonakshi Sinha

Imran had a lot of fun playing Blu as he got to play around with it a lot.

"I had so much fun with this. When you are doing an animated character, you get to have a little more fun. Since it's a cartoon character you can do things which as a live action actor you can't do, funny sound effects, funny voice, you get to play around with it," the 31-year-old said here Wednesday at the unveiling of the Hindi trailer.

Meanwhile, Sonakshi also loved the original film so much that she went on a laughing break during dubbing for the character Jewel.

"(We had) a lot of fun, you can see the kind of fun we have had. When I saw it I was completely floored, I enjoyed every bit of it. While dubbing I didn't know whether to laugh or to say my lines. it was so much fun. We took laughing breaks," Sonakshi said.

'Rio 2' has been directed by Carlos Saldanha and the original has Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway's voices for Blu and Jewel.

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