I have to confess. I never waited for rains as desperately as I did in the last few days. Not because the heat was unbearable, but because I wanted to see if Creative’s new ‘weatherproof’ portable speakers, the Muvo Mini could stand the Mumbai monsoon.


Unfortunately, it didn’t. Fortunately, I was surprised to hear the sound of the Muvo Mini. Few days ago, I had written about the Nokia MD-12, which despite its small size, offers a good range of sounds.

The Muvo Mini takes that experience many steps further, both in terms of the range of sounds, loudness and connectivity. Though not the most expensive device from the company, the Muvo Mini offers a good mix of size and sound.

It fits easily in your hand, has got a stylish design, is easy to operate and made to survive all types of weather conditions. To say that with the Muvo Mini, Creative has stayed true to its name and image, wouldn’t be misleading.

We would have called it perfect, but the sound struggles a bit on the higher pitch. Apart from that, considering the power backup is nearly 11 hours, at Rs 5,999, the Muvo Mini is a great portable speaker.

Available in October