Game on! 4 great indoor games you can play this monsoon

This monsoon, get your indoor fix with these board games

Kings Circle
Bring out your best rum and get your friends in a circle for this ultimate drinking game on a rainy evening.
For: Rs 999
At: Tappu Ki Dukaan, Kermani Building, Fort.
Call: 22043716


This one’s for the movie buffs. Challenge your sitcom and film knowledge with this game and have fun while you do it too.
For: Rs 850
At: Tappu Ki Dukaan.


A look at this board game might remind you of Tetris but it involves a lot more strategy.
For: Rs 1,899:
At: Multi-brand retail outlets.

Brick Burst

Brick Burst
Kids can build their cognitive and colour recognition skills; it also helps work on Math skills. For ages 7+.
For:  Rs 499 (approx)
At: Multi-brand retail outlets.

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