Transgender lesbians officially took marriage vows in Britain as man and wife, after one of them underwent a sex change operation.

The two men, Paul 65, now known as Jenny-Anne Bishop and Elen Heart, 68, had divorced their wives, got together as a gay couple in 2004 and eventually lived together in Clwyd, Wales, for six years as transgender lesbians.

The couple had previously ruled out the option of undergoing surgery because of the associated risks at their age, but last year, Jenny-Anne finally decided to go under the knife for a sex change.

Both of them run a refuge for transgender people who struggle to be accepted and present trans-awareness training to public service providers, such as police and local councils.

"The law has seen us go from a gay couple - to a lesbian couple - to a heterosexual couple who can get married, but basically we are just two people who love each other and wanted to publicly declare and celebrate our relationship," the Daily Mail quoted Bishop, who has a granddaughter, as saying.

"We want to encourage other transgender couples to celebrate their relationships and uniqueness," Bishop added'