Geeta Basra gets an electric shock while dancing!

The actress was dancing atop a rickshaw that was fully lit up when she was in for a rude shock.

Geeta Basra

Says Geeta, “The rickshaw was fitted with lights and it seemed a bit dangerous. Yes, I got a shock but thankfully it wasn’t anything major.”

Geeta, who stars alongside Vivek Oberoi and Arshad Warsi in Vinod Bachchan’s film, feels that it was quite tough to match her steps with the two actors.

She says, “It was a typical Indian rural song with all the latkas and jhatkas. Vivek and Arshad are pros at dancing.”

On asked about her ongoing relationship with spinner Harbhajan Singh, the actress shoots back, “I am not commenting on that! On several occasions, the media has almost married me off to him.”  

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