Today, November 19 is International Men’s Day. Consider all the hype and hoopla that International Women’s Day attracts with the build-up beginning much before Women’s Day, Men’s day is a bit of a damp squib here.

While one can never take away from the fact that women, by and large, do play a subservient role in our society and even in these times and are victimised in various ways, let us make an effort to introspect at least about promoting gender equality and having gender neutral laws.

In these days of women empowerment, it is vital for women not to use sexual harassment and other laws in a false way, filing malicious cases against men or making false accusations. This is not only hugely unfair to men but to women too, as it casts a doubt on accounts of all victims of harassment and discrimination.

Today, the focus is on bringing up children in a gender neutral, equal environment, so little girls and boys are made aware of their rights and both genders are made to understand that every person, man or woman, boy or girl, have the right to live life with dignity and respect.

Men, too face, harassment and sometimes, their contributions towards the community or childcare are substantial but not acknowledged.

In this atmosphere of political correctness, there is a hesitancy or fear of voicing anything at all that could be construed as ‘anti-woman’ and ‘pro-man’. Let us not root for pro-man or pro-woman, but for equality and fairness for all.