Give up your video games for once, to engage in smart board gaming session organised by The Tapletop Nerds on this saturday. From the fast-paced bluffing games to the mind- boggling and knowledgeable ones, there’s a whole lot of board games under one roof for those who want to experience a new world of gaming.

video games

“As archaic as board games might sound, there’s no denying that they’re making a comeback in the market. The biggest advantage of board games is that they connect with all age groups and re-unite family and friends over a joyous game. A lot of board game cafés are popping up in the city such as Hoppipola where one can enjoy games over food and drinks.” informed, Kushal Shah, organiser of the event.

The event is open to anybody who is above 13 years. The organisers are keen to use this as an opportunity to introduce enthusiasts especially those who are keen to experience varied board games.

On: July 4, 3.15 pm
At: Saundarya Hotel, near Mehul cinema, Mulund (W).
Cost: Rs 150
Call: 8655161865