Get stoned by these garden beauties

We decided to give a break to those reliable brown earthen pots for plants that have graced our balconies and gardens for generations. Instead, we suggest give your green spot a stylish makeover with these beauties in stone. This collection of sandstone planters in various shapes will make your much-cared plants appear more appealing and your green patch, refreshingly different.

These planters are carved from a single piece of stone and are washable. They look great in the outdoors and also serve as knick-knack holders indoors. Apart from several animal shaped varieties that include hippopotamus and ram, the collection also includes a Feng Shui inspired line. Shaped like a turtle and an open-mouthed frog, these animals bring peace and good luck to the household. We also loved a planter that was shaped in the form of a content-looking cherubic boy that can double up as a quirky candle stand after dark.

Where: Eco Corner, third floor, Palladium Mall, Lower Parel.
Call: 30042350
Cost: Rs 200

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