Girl survives but her horse dies of electrocution!

According to a tabloid, the horse that the girl was riding stepped on a buried electrical cable in Moscow.

Hatke news, Girl survives but her horse dies of electrocution!

The incident occurred Saturday evening when 15-year-old Maria Vorontsova decided to go horse riding with a friend in Moscow.

The girls hired horses at a private stable. They were riding around the streets of a residential district when they decided to bypass a pool and the horses stepped onto a grass lawn.

"The ground was wet and my horse stumbled, then the animal stepped over something, and started shaking. It fell down and I was unable to get out from under it," Vorontsova said.

The girl received an electric shock. She was taken to hospital with heart rhythm disorder. "The electric shock also provoked an epileptic seizure," a doctor said.

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