Google's next OS Android M may give users more control over privacy

May 13, 2015, 14:53 IST | Jagran Post

New Delhi: Google Inc's next operating system Android M, which is likely to be unveiled at the upcoming I/O event, may give its mobile users more control over their privacy, a report said.

According to Bloomberg, Google’s Android operating system is set to give users more detailed choices over what apps can access that may include photos, contacts or location.

Google Android OS

The feature will allow users to decide whether an app can be downloaded and the new settings would give them the option to pick and choose what an app can access, the report said.

Android M may also bring the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces and will open up new markets for millions of devices to workers at small businesses.

In case of web, Google announced a free extension for its Chrome web browser that better protects Google accounts, including email, against online attackers trying to steal passwords and other personal information.

The extension, called Password Alert, can be downloaded on Google Chrome and warns users before they enter account information on "phishing" pages, or imitation sites designed to steal passwords and access personal information, such as emails or online bank accounts.

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