Gored Spanish bullfighter Marcos Galan leaves hospital

Madrid: A Spanish bullfighter was stabbed in the testicles at the weekend by a bull he was fighting left hospital on Tuesday.

The huge black fighting bull reared its head and thrust its left horn into Marcos Galan's groin, lifting him in the air, after he thrust two spears into the animal's back on Sunday at Madrid's Las Ventas bullring, Spain's largest.

The bull's right horn went through his blue and white jacket, knocking him to the ground and he was dragged to the ground before other bullfighters used their capes to lure the animal away, video images showed.

The footage shows Marcos walking to the bullring's infirmary where he underwent surgery before being taken to Madrid's Hospital San Francisco de Asis.

The infirmary said in its medical report that he had suffered a "bull horn wound in the scrotum which caused bruising and evisceration of the left testicle." Marcos was discharged and ordered to rest at home for the next few days.

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