Govt to communicate with tribals in their own language

In a bid to reach out to the tribals living in the naxal-infested areas of the state, the Maharashtra government is planning to start radio channels in Gondi and other languages that are understood by the adivasis.Quite a few districts in the Vidharbha region are heavily infested by the naxals.

Language barrier: As the naxals speak the same language as the tribals, they easily manage to influence the locals. Representation Pic

As these districts share their boundaries with Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh, the languages spoken here are way too different from Marathi. The disparity in language is thereby leading to communication gap between the government officials and the locals.

According to a source in Mantralaya, the government wants to interact with the tribals in a language that they are comfortable with. “As most of them -- including the naxals -- speak Gondi, the officials find it difficult to communicate with them. Hence, such plans are being adopted so that tribals don’t get influenced by the naxals.”

He added that the government is also planning to make posters and distribute pamphlets in the local language informing them about the developmental work done by the administration. “Besides, we are also consulting experts who have monitored naxal strategies to get a better idea,” he said.

When contacted, Additional DGP of Anti-Naxalite Operations PK Jain confirmed the plan. Sources say a special cell will be set up in Nagpur to solve the problems that arise due to difference in the language.

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