Govt wrong in thinking Hazare would give up:Anupam Kher

Veteran actor Anupam Kher who has come to support Anna Hazare here said that the government was wrong in thinking that Hazare and his supporters would get tired and give up their fight against corruption.

"Government thinks that Anna and we will get tired and give up our fight against corruption...but this will not happen," Kher said adding the fight would go on.


He also said that it was also wrong on the part of the government to think that the anti-corruption movement is against the government.

"When an activist or a social worker talks against corruption, it is interpreted that he or she is against government. But this is sad... this is not true," he said.

"My grandfather had told me that one should stand by truth as it always wins, so I am here to support Anna Hazare," Kher said.

"People are fed up of corruption. People tell me I am doing a good work by supporting Anna Hazare," he said.

Kher was also overwhelmed seeing several national flags fluttering at the MMRDA ground and the response from the youth here and felt "this is an achievement for Anna,".

Filmmaker Pritish Nandy was also here to show his support to Hazare.

"It is a pathetic is an embarrassment. Don't know what is holding back the government to bring an effective Lokpal bill. People must ask their MPs and MLAs why a strong bill is not brought," Nandy said.



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