Great news for Tintin's young fans!

Aug 26, 2014, 08:18 IST | The Guide Team

All those who grew up being regaled by the adventures of Tintin, his friend Captain Haddock and pet dog Snowy, can now share this joy with their kids too.


Tintin’s creators are ready with revised editions of the series, tailored for younger readers. Seven pages at the front of each new edition introduce the principal characters of the adventures, and 23 pages at the end delve into the real-life inspiration behind the stories.

The back pages include columns for Tintin and Herge, and two sections: The True Story, and Explore and Discover. Titled Tintin Young Readers, these are smaller formats that feature the original comic story and bonus background material for an insight into the book’s creation and inspiration, together with a character portraits section. Currently, there are 12 titles in the Young Readers collection.

Distributed in India: By Penguin India
Cost: Rs 599 (each title)
Available at leading bookshops ande bookstores.

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