Harshita Ojha fulfils her cooking dreams on TV show

Child actress Harshita Ojha, who is currently seen as Choti Dharaa in TV show 'Tamanna', got a chance to fulfil her love for cooking on the show's set.

In an upcoming sequence, the 8-year-old will be seen preparing food for the entire family.

Harshita got excited when she heard that she will be entering the kitchen and making food.

“This role has been fulfilling my wishes from the very beginning, first of reworking with Waseem sir (director Waseem Sabir), playing cricket and now even cooking. I was very curious about so many things and I asked a lot of questions,” Harshita, who last worked with Sabir in “Ek Veer ki Ardaas…Veera”, said in a statement.

“I prepared my first dish with the help of Ketki Dave. My mother doesn’t allow me to enter the kitchen as she believes it is my time to enjoy life and she says it’s not safe for children. This role helped me fulfil my wish of entering the kitchen, preparing a dish and I was very excited to do this particular scene. I will definitely prepare a dish for my mother at home,” she added.

Ketki, who plays the role of Baa in the Star Plus show, said: “According to the scene, I had to teach Dharaa cooking. After I got to know about her fondness for cooking, I took more interest in it.

She knew quite a lot for her age and that really surprised me. The emotions in the scenes came naturally to us and we enjoyed it a lot.”

“Tamanna” is based on the life of an aspiring female cricketer, Dharaa.

The show also stars Anuja Sathe, Vishal Gandhi and Kiran Karmarkar.

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