Gohana (Haryana): A 15-year-old Dalit boy’s dead body was found here on Thursday which led to angry protests by the villagers while the kin of the boy have accused the police of killing him.

The boy was taken into police custody on charges of theft and never made it home, according to his family.

The police taken the boy in for questioning on the charges of stealing a pigeon and when his kin came to visit him in jail, they were told had he had broken free and was on the run.

After searching for the boy all night, his dead body was found near an abandoned building which sparked outrage among the villagers and his kin who then took his corpse to the street and sat around it protesting and demanding justice.

The situation remains tense in Gohana and there also have been clashes between the police and the villagers.

This incident comes days after two Dalit children were burnt alive in their house in Haryana.