Hate Story 4(G): Meet Sasha Chettri, the most disliked person on the Indian Internet

A recent survey named Airtel as the most hated brand of 2015, a clear result of the irritating 4G ads featuring the ‘in-your-face’ model Sasha Chettri aka the Airtel 4G girl. So who exactly is Sasha? We did a bit of research to find out more about the real-life persona of the girl who dares to challenge one and all.

Sasha originally hails from Dehradun.

She holds a degree in Advertising from Xavier's Institute of Communications, Mumbai.

Sasha made a small appearance in Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan's film ‘Katti Batti’.

She has also worked with an ad agency as a copywriter.

Sasha is extremely passionate about music.

She came to Mumbai after receiving a call from the advertising agency that produced the Airtel Ad Campaigns. The rest is history. (All pics courtesy Sasha Chettri's Twitter account @RickshaRani)

(Compiled by Renin Wilben)

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    • devaraj14-Jan-2016

      Most disliked person??? wtbYou should say, 'Most disliked brand' boss. this girl infact is the cutest thing happening in the ad.She exhibits that 'girl power' through her cute eyes. Anyone who dislike 'girl power' will say things like this Sasha. Don't worry... U r the 'chic'... 'Keep calm

    • Sahil12-Jan-2016

      I dont dislike you Sasha. I like you. But i dislike Airtel :(You are cute and your voice too ...

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