HEX 1 / Visions

It takes guts to tag your music as “experimental”. The word implies that you can push boundaries and definitions, or else formulate an approach that’s an amalgamation of disparate styles, or simply, introduce new ingredients to the traditional music. With HEX1 / Visions, SundogProject delivers on that tag.

HEX1 / Visions, SundogProject. Available to stream / download from

The debut album from the Delhi-based supergroup-of-sorts spans six songs that are dark, gloomy, and moody. It’s a lush soundscape that you can’t put a finger on. With elements of Industrial, Alternative and Rock married to Electronica, the songs, on the first listen, will make you reminisce Kid-A era Radiohead, Tool, and industrial powerhouse Nine Inch Nails. But, the only reason you will recall those bands is because you will be at your wits end, trying to bracket it.

Most tracks are built on a hypnotic progression that drones on. As elements are added in, layer-wise, you are greeted with a thunderous distorted bass, crunchy- yet-smooth guitars, and vocal lines that can range from whispers to screams.

The first few tracks serve as a harsh introduction to a world that you are not familiar with. But, by the time Venus and Face/3 swing in, it comes together to make up an experience that’s intensely personal, one that you can lose yourself in.

It’s a challenging album, that will have you hit ‘repeat’ often, to peel off layers and reach the core. Once there, don’t bother to “get it” or not. Appreciate it for the sonic adventure.



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