Designers in San Francisco have conceived of a new gadget that not only stores your data via a USB port but doubles as a sleek, "quiet" vibrator.

The Crave Duet USB vibrator comes in two models, 8GB and 16GB, and its waterproof, dual-motor design is USB-rechargeable and comes in three colors -- chocolate, black, and crimson.

Last week the company went on CKIE, a crowd-funding site, to raise money for what they are calling a "discreet, compact luxury vibe." By week's end they'd raised $63,242 from more than 500 backers, exceeding their goal of $15,000.

The new vibe expects to launch sometime next month, but you can preorder yours now on the company website for $75 (retail price is $139). Add $10 for US shipping and $25 for international shipping.

Simple, discreet pleasure is a hot trend in the sex toy market, and major brands are hoping to get in on the action. Earlier this year, Trojan released its new line of vibrators, a first for the company. Its three-tip battery-powered vibrator called Tri-Phoria is now sold in major drugstore chains in the US for $39.99. Plus, the company has added another vibe to its growing line: a tube-shape model dubbed the Trojan Twister, which retails for $59.99.