Hindustan is for Hindus: Assam governor

Guwahati: Assam Governor PB Acharya yesterday said that Hindus persecuted anywhere in the world have the right to come to India and it was the duty of Indians to welcome them.

PB Acharya
In a soup: PB Acharya

“Hindus persecuted in other parts of the world have the right to come to India. It is our duty to receive them. Otherwise, where will they go? It is in this regard that I said that Hindustan is for Hindus,” the governor told the media at Raj Bhavan here.

His statement on Sunday came a day after a section of the media quoted Acharya as saying that “Hindustan is for Hindus and there is nothing wrong with that”.

Acharya said a section of the media had published only half of his statement, making it controversial.

The governor’s statement on Saturday about “Hindustan is for Hindus” stirred a controversy amid reports of large-scale illegal immigration from neighbouring Bangladesh and against the backdrop of the Centre’s recent notification to allow religious minorities from neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh, fleeing persecution in those countries, to settle in India.

About the Muslims living in these countries, Acharya said, “The Muslims can go anywhere. They can go to Pakistan or to India, just like Taslima Nasrin has come to settle in India.”



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