It has been a while since we wished to be a kid all over again. Not to get away from the prying questions about 'your future' from inquisitive uncles but to benefit from eye-catching, engaging titles that flood bookshelves.


One such series that is a delight while trying to introduce children to history is the Hard Nuts Of History series. It includes titles like Warriors, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.

These might sound boring, but what sets these apart are the witty illustrations by Jaime Lenman and a Hardometer rating different rulers' cunningness, survival skills, courage and ruthlessness on the scale of one to ten.

Also a must-read is Drama, a graphic novel for kids, about a theatre-loving girl, Callie, and the situations that follow the production of the school's play.

There is innocent love and teen problems, though thankfully, it all seems real. What we liked the most about the book is the way it talks about students dealing with their gay friends, which never even borders on preachy.

Drama, Raina Telgemeier, Scholastic, Rs 525
Hard Nuts Of History, Tracy Turner, Bloomsbury, Rs 150 each