Home run

Time to put a little Italian flavour into your home again. A classic Italian interior brand opened it's doors to Indian consumers with the first flagship store on Mehrauli Gurgaon Road in the Capital. The launch cocktail party was attended by names like Anjana Kuthiala, Pushpanjali Sharma Chawla, designer Urvashi Kaur, Shabnam Singhal, Nitya Bajaj Birla and many others. We got you pictures.

Smooth like velvet: Nitya Bajaj Birla

Chic choice: Pushpanjali Chawla

Purple prose: Shabnam Singhal

Sweet streak: Urvashi Kaur

Dark knights: Anjana Kuthiala, Abhay Gupta and Lorena

Code blue: Chanchal Birla

Suits us fine: Claudio Fulgini and Dinesh Sehgal

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