Hot dog champ chomps to sixth straight victory

Last year, the 28-year-old man, nicknamed Jaws, from San Jose, California, won with 62 hot dogs. He bested his main rival this year by 16 dogs, scarfing down all 68 in 10 minutes in the sweltering summer heat to take home $10,000 (Rs 5.5 lakh) and the mustard yellow belt.

We are the chomp-ions! Joey Chestnut stuffs his mouth with his record-winning 68th hot dog at the competition. 

“I feel good, it was a great win,” Chestnut said after the contest, adding he wished he could have eaten a record number of hot dogs for the audience. “I tried my best. I’m looking forward to next year already.”

Sonya Thomas, of Alexandria, Virginia, downed 45 wieners to win the women’s competition. She reached her goal of eating 45 in the time limit — her age — and took home her own pink champion’s belt and $10,000.

Sonya Thomas eats her way to victory with 45 hot dogs. Pics/AFP

Thomas, known as the ‘Black Widow’ of competitive eating, won last year as well, the first time a separate contest was held for women. Thomas said she started to feel sick while eating but kept pushing so she could win the title.

“There is a limit so I have to fight,” she said. Thomas said next year she’s going to beat her record again and eat 46. “Because I’m going to be 46 next year,” she said. 

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