How do they say April Fool in French?

Oct 12, 2011, 08:07 IST | Surekha S

International band Rupa And The April Fishes are gearing up for their maiden performance in India, today. Expect a multi-lingual global music gig and find out the deeper meaning of the band's name

Don't be surprised if you walk into Blue Frog today and hear a rendition of the age-old Eena Meena Deeka played by international band Rupa And The April Fishes. The band, famous for its global music, is planning to stun audiences with a performance in French, Spanish, English and Hindi at its first-ever gig in the country.

Rupa and The April fishes

The band's music spans genres like Pop, Reggae, Gypsy Swing music, American folk and a lot more. "It is a mash-up of different styles of music, which combine to form a global identity," explains Rupa Marya, who formed the band in 2006. The band hit the world music scene with their 2008 debut album, Extraordinary Rendition. They have performed at several live shows since then.

The members of the band come from different countries and they combine their styles to create their brand of global music. The cello player Misha Khalikulov is from Uzbekistan, Safa Shokris, the bassist, is from Iran, Mario Albeto Silva, the trumpet player, is from Nicaragua and Aaron Kierbel, with a Russian Jewish ancestry, plays the drums.

With such diverse backgrounds, most of their performances are multi-lingual. This time they have also included a Hindi number for the Mumbai audience. Born to Indian parents, Rupa has visited India on many occasions to see her relatives here. "But, this is the first time I am performing here and it is very special to me," she says with obvious excitement.

Ask Rupa about the reason for the name of her band and she explains that the April Fishes is the English translation of the term 'April fool' in French.

"The reason being that during the Bush era, anyone who would express dissent to the US policies or speak the truth was branded a fool. I wanted to carry this sentiment forward," says Rupa, who makes sure that the band is actively involved in many political projects as well. "We do a lot of shows for immigrants and people without a voice," she signs off.

On Tonight, 10 pm onwards
At The Blue Frog, Mathuradas Mills Compound, NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel.
Call  61586158 
Entry  Rs 300 (after 9 pm)

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