How the migratory Amur falcon was saved

  What: Amur falcon is a small raptor of the falcon family. The migratory bird passes through India's northeast, including Nagaland, every year in October-November during its long annual journey of 22,000 km. They breed in south-eastern Siberia and northern China and travel to southern Africa. These birds were facing a massive crisis while passing through India, as it is estimated that during peak migration 12,000-14,000 birds were being hunted daily for consumption and commerce. After this plight was highlighted, a campaign was launched by Conservation India and other NGOs including Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) against this massacre.

An Amur falcon takes flight. pic courtesy/Saurabh Sawant
An Amur falcon takes flight. Pic courtesy/Saurabh Sawant

A view of Nagaland. Pic / Anwaruddin Choudhury
A view of Nagaland. Pic / Anwaruddin Choudhury 

How: Senior scientific adviser at BNHS, Asad Rahmani, says they swung into action as soon as this plunder came to their notice. “As soon as I came to know about mass-scale hunting of Amur Falcon in October 2012, I took up the issue with the then minister of environment, Jayanthi Natarajan. She immediately wrote to the chief wildlife warden of Nagaland and to the Chief Minister. The forest department of Nagaland took immediate action and at once stopped hunting. Since 2013 season, there is no large scale hunting of these birds in Nagaland,” he said, adding that in these parts of Nagaland now tourism to watch these birds is being carried out and has already yielded result.

(Above) Near Doyang river in Nagaland. pic courtesy/ Ngulkholal Khongsai
Near Doyang river in Nagaland. Pic courtesy/ Ngulkholal Khongsai

Where: Rahmani will be speaking on this initiative to save Amur falcons. He will also share details of the camp to Nagaland organised by BNHS which includes a local guide, home-stays, witnessing the success of efforts of conserving Amur falcons and interacting with the local Nagas. BNHS is also organising a nature camp in Nagaland in October 2015 to explore its biodiversity.

An Amur Falcon pair.  pic courtesy/ Asad rahmani
An Amur Falcon pair.  Pic courtesy/ Asad rahmani

On: September 25, 6 pm
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