Hrithik may be known for his physique and his dedication. Now he will add one more in an attempt to help create a world record. As part of his role of being paired with a global toy manufacturer, an event is being held on December 4 at a mall in Goregaon.

Hrithik Roshan

The star will be unveiling an over 25 feet tall play station containing diecast toy cars and tracksets where kids can indulge.

Says a source, “The makers feel this is the tallest-ever play station made for children. Hrithik’s presence will add an aura as they take a shot at fame. The Guinness folk will be present to record the event and see if it makes it to the book.”

Adds the source, “Hrithik has a collection inspired by him and he is referred to as the captain of the team extreme — considering that despite by being plagued with injuries and the rough and tumble of doing action sequences in his films, he keeps it going.”