Humiliated cop waits 2 months for transfer

Nov 09, 2011, 06:47 IST | Imran Gowhar
Ex-NASSCOM director asked to take over as Mysore police commissioner because of his crime handling skills; incumbent refuses to relinquish post
The former director of NASSCOM, who has successfully cracked several cyber crime cases across India, was not rewarded for his services but instead faced humiliation for over two months as the post he was called back to occupy, is still being held on to by another officer.
Inspector General of Police, Pratap Reddy, was posted as the Police Commissioner of Mysore, but even before he took over, he was shifted to the fire force.

The reason being that present Mysore police chief Sunil Agarwal refused to vacate the 'seat' and even allegedly pulled strings at political levels to retain his post. This resulted in Reddy having to wait for a new posting.
Reddy was deputed as the senior director of NASSCOM's Cyber Lab Project and was also responsible for managing Cyber Labs at Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Kolkata, Karnataka CID, Chennai Police Academy, Andhra Pradesh CID and Haryana Police Academy.
Recognising his good work, the state government asked him to rejoin the police department and posted him as the police commissioner of Mysore to replace Agarwal.

Sources claim that a few politicians tried to cancel Agawal's transfer saying that he was needed to maintain law and order during the Dasara rush.

Meanwhile, Reddy was made to wait on the sidelines for his posting and even after Dasara and though the transfer order was still valid, Agarwal continued to hang on to his post and the government failed to offer Reddy an explanation.

While Reddy refused to comment, sources said that he had requested the government to at least cancel his transfer order and give him a fresh assignment.

Now, after two months, he has been transferred to the fire force as the government has cancelled Agarwal's transfer.

According to a senior officer, such unethical and irrational transfers would affect the morale of the police force. The officer added that he felt Agarwal is facing charges for constructing a house in Bangalore with the help of police personnel.

The main allegation is that he had transported policemen from Mysore to Bangalore, which is against rules. Despite making several calls to validate these allegations, Agarwal remained unavailable for comment.

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